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Investor Benefits
  • Accredited investors have a market place to find  exclusive assets
  • You get the assets before other investors
  • Less competition for assets so you can get the best price
  • Anonymity & privacy  from the public since only a few exclusive brokers know about the transaction
  • You save time as you do not need to search the internet for off market assets
  • You save money not paying high brokerage fees: Sellers pay most fees, buyers pay small technology fee. Some assets are buyer paid commission.
  • CASH marketplace
Investor Secrets 
  •            • Buy before the market
    • Don't do bidding wars
    • Make sure you are protected
    • Have an optimal process
    • Respond quickly & smartly
    • Get the best deal
    • Maintain privacy of purchases 

           SOLUTION:  PRE MARKET:  pREInet

    With hair pulling frustration we sought a solution to the problem:
  • A easy solution that allows the buyer to get the assets they desire.
  • A solution that would ensure that there were both qualified buyers and sellers.
  • Vetted buyers and vetted sellers and vetted seller reps.
  • Not add to the cost of real estate
  • Eliminate chains and the blasting of assets across the internet

The Answer Was to Get BEFORE the Market:  PRE Market Assets

Accredited investors ONLY may join.

You or your company must meet accredited criteria.
To Join you will be vetted. You must meet this criteria to be accepted.
How it works 

Simple process to pre-market assets

  • Brokers/sellers agree to hold off market commercial listings for 10 days
  • Brokers will not market on LoopNet, Linked In, email blasts, MLS, etc for 10 days
  • All pREInet assets are guaranteed off the market for 10 days.
  • All sellers and brokers are vetted
  • Members may view all listings and close with the pre-lister
  • Brokers may not give listings to Bird Dogs or other marketers.
  • After 10 days asset is moved to our post market page where you may continue to purchase until sold.
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I'm Tired of Chains
Are you tired of chains of brokers and bird dogs?  Are you ready for good deals?


Are you ready to get the jump on the market?

Are you tired of email blasts? 
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